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CCLE has successfully held four sessions, it attracts hundreds of excellent suppliers from the cold chain logistics industry (including SinoTransPFS, Swire Cold Chain Logistics, QINGAN GROUP CO., LTD, AoQun cold chain,Apresys, RunJiu supply chain, TBTL and other well-known enterprises)from all over the world every year. Tens of thousands of professionals will come to participate in the exhibition, to provide a service for freezing and cold chain logistics enterprises at home and abroad to build an information platform to communicate with the field of catering.


Organization by
China Entry & Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association
WTO/TBT-SPS National Notification and Enquiry Centers of PRC
Refrigerated and Frozen Foods Committee of China National Food Industry Association
China Air Catering Committee of CATA
Local Inspection and Quarantine Bureaus;
Local Inspection and Quarantine Associations;
Shanghai Golden Commercial Exhibition Co.,Ltd.
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