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2020 APEC Cold Chain Logistics and Food Safety, Transport Safety Standards Conference
Time: December 08-09, 2020
Venue: Shanghai
Conference Background
The cold chain logistics is mainly involved in food and biomedical industries. Cold chain technology and transportation methods play a vital role in the quality and safety of food and biomedicine. The outbreak of Novel Coronavirus has brought new challenges to cold chain logistics. What changes have occurred in the cold chain market? What will happen in the future? How to deal with the short-term and long-term impact of the epidemic? How to adjust business and management strategies? A series of problems need to be solved urgently.
In view of the above situation, the APEC Cold Chain Logistics and Food Safety, Transportation Safety Standards Conference hosted by the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Organization Standardization Committee will be held in Shanghai on December 8-9.The conference will focus on topics such as food and drug safety, cold chain logistics status, mutual recognition of standards, technology research and development and improvement, and cold chain logistics enterprise development environment to exchange, discuss and evaluate the cold chain logistics technology capabilities of APEC economies and food&biomedicine Safety. To promote the implementation and understanding of international technical standards. To improve the understanding and mastery of the cold chain logistics technology of APEC economies by institutions and technical personnel. To ensure the food safety of the entire supply chain and strengthen technical exchanges in the APEC region and the recognition of cold chain logistics test results by APEC economies, and promote the inclusive development of medium-sized enterprises and trade in the APEC region.
Hot Issues
• The Current Status, Development Strategies and Plans of Cold Chain Logistics in International Food and Biomedicine
• The Status and Development of Research on Food Cold Chain Logistics Safety in China
• Cold Chain Logistics Standardization Construction
• The Analysis on the Scale and Characteristics of China's Food and Drug Cold Chain Industry
• The New Trend of theFood and Drug Cold Chain in the Post-epidemic Era
• During the Epidemic, Cold Chain Logistics and Food Safety Control
• How to Establish AMedical Supply Chain Risk Management and Control System in the Internet + Environment
• The Management Difference Between EU GDP and China GSP in the Process of Cold Chain Drug Transportation
• The Excellent and Refined Cold Chain Management Cases Sharing in the Biomedical Industry
• Food Safety andCold Chain Transportation Guarantee Cases
The Guest Institutions to Be Include
State Administration of Market Regulation
General Administration of Customs,P.R.CHINA
China Food and Drug Administration
National Development and Reform Commission
Officials from Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, Suzhou, Nantong and other local governments in the Yangtze River Delta
Officials of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Officials, officials of the World Bank and diplomatic envoys of relevant countries to China
APEC business leaders, APEC member states and business leaders, etc.
Who Will Attend This Conference
• Expert representatives from government authorities,industries, associations, research institutions and universities.
• Representatives of international pharmaceutical enterprises,medical institutions and research institutions from the United States, Europe, Japan and South Korea.
• Production and distribution enterprises of pharmaceuticals,vaccines, and genetic testing.Cold chain drug production,wholesale, chain pharmacies and supply chain companies.
• Food manufacturing industry, seafood and agricultural specialty products, food ingredients suppliers, international trade fresh food e-commerce, large-scale chain stores,supermarkets, catering industry, supply and marketing platforms and wholesale markets.
• Cold chain logistics equipment industry, intelligent transportation platform, intelligent vehicle rental platform.
• Cold chain warehousing logistics, cold chain transportation, cold chain integration platforms, highway ports, logistics parks, real estate investment and financing and other financial industries.
Target Audience
• Meat, Aquatic products, Fruit and Vegetables, Flowers and other agricultural products processing, Food, Medicine, Wholesale, Marketing, Retailing, Cosmetics, Health care products, Tobacco processing;
• Refrigeration and freezing, cold storage, preservation equipment and technology suppliers; Warehouse/cold storage owners, senior management personnel;
• Low temperature logistics shipping company, roads, railways, air transport, container, storage agent, supply chain solution provider;
• Agricultural products, food, medicine elated association, centers for disease control and prevention, large and medium-sized hospital logistics purchasing department;
• Corporate catering, hotel, hotel industry and large retailers and wholesalers;
• Large and medium-sized institutions, enterprises and institutions, military and logistics management department; 
• Agriculture, food, commercial circulation, food and drug regulatory related government agencies.
APEC Introduction
The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is the highest-level and most influential regional economic organization and intergovernmental economic cooperation mechanism in the Asia-Pacific region. It mainly discusses issues related to the global and regional economy, such as promoting the global multilateral trading system, implementing trade and investment liberalization and facilitation in the Asia-Pacific region, promoting financial stability and reform, developing economic and technological cooperation, and ensuring human security and public health.
The APEC Standards and Conformance Sub-Committee (SCSC) is responsible for promoting cooperation among members of the economy in the field of standardization.The main scope of standard harmonization cooperation includes. First,promoting the consistency of standards in member states of the economy with international standards. Second,the mutual recognition of consistent assessment procedures. Third,technical infrastructure cooperation. Fourth, transparency cooperation. With the deepening of cooperation, the scope of cooperation for APEC standardization is constantly expanding. In addition to the above four aspects of cooperation, the APEC standardization cooperation also includes the following three aspects, first, good regulations and norms. Second, promoting the participation of economic members in the international standardization process. Third, strengthening interaction with stakeholders.
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